Thomas Ad├Ęs

Totentanz - 2013

Mezzo-soprano, Baritone
and Orchestra

Commissioned by Robin Boyle in memory of Witold Lutos?awski (1913-1994) and of his wife Danuta.


3(I+II=picc.III=picc+afl).3(III=ca).3(I in Bb+A=Ebcl.II in A=bcl.III in A=bcl with low C).3(II=cbsn.III=contraforte or cbsn with low A) ? 4.3( tuba ? timp(=rototoms) ? perc(6/8): glsp/xyl/vib/mar/crot/t.bells/2 bell plates/2 gongs/4 anvils/steel sheet/2 tam-t/6-12 susp.cym/cyms/kit hi-hat/4 SD/TD (with snares)/2 military TD/taiko/kit BD/cym on BD/BD/2 swanee whistles/referee?s whistle/2 siren whistles/3 whips/2 clappers/2 plastic mcas/2 ratchets/large guero/tamb/bamboo canes/bones ? harp ? pno(=cel) ? strings

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